EZ-CAPSS Screenshots

EZ-CAPSS uses a very intuitive screen layout to perform various functions. Below is a list of the most common screens used within EZ-CAPSS.

EZ-Capss Demo

Short video showing the creation of a customer from a license swipe, then building and submitting a property transaction to CAPSS.

Action Center

EZ-CAPSS uses a easy to use visual screen layout. This is the main screen of the application which we call the [Action Center]. Customer Lookup, New Transactions, Report Generation, etc. are all performed from this screen.

Customer Transaction History

Have access to all the available customer information at your finger tips. The transaction tab contains all previous transaction records submitted to CAPSS for a customer.

Automatic Customer Profile Creation

EZ-CAPSS makes creating a customer profile a snap. A simple swipe of a customer’s drivers license will lookup or create a customer record in the system. We recommend you purchase the Scriptel ST15xx with the embeded 3-Track Reader or you could use any compatible USB keyboard Swiper. It is your choice, our software gives you choices to make your life easier. Review the compatible hardware list used with our software.

Signature & Fingerprint

Gather the customer signature and fingerprint in one screen. No need to chase files, keep multiple records distributed in files through out your system. EZ-CAPSS manages it all. Once it is associated with a customer,  no need to request them again and again.

Item Transactions

Item Transactions can be submitted to CAPSS in real time. You never have to leave our application to send the information to the CAPSS system.