What is CAPSS?

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California Assembly Bill 391, enacted on August 17, 2012, mandates the Department of Justice (DOJ) to develop and implement a singlestatewideuniform electronic reporting system. The system that is known as the California Pawn & SecondHand Dealer System (CAPSS) will be used by licensed secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers to report tangible personal property transactions as required by current law and it will serve as the single, statewide repository for this information. The CAPSS system is funded entirely by secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers license fees and will be made available free of charge to authorized law enforcement agencies.

The CAPSS system will replace the existing manual paper processes and is anticipated to create efficiencies as well as eventually reduce costs associated with postage and storage of millions of paper copies.

Secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers will be required to enter the information that was captured on the JUS-123 form into CAPSS through the DOJ’s web portal.

This system has been in place since the early part of 2015. Most pawnbrokers have complied with the CAPSS system since the early part of 2016. But the interface has proven to be a challenge for Secondhand Dealers since the web interface is cumbersome and very tedious. So this is the primary reason why, we decided to develop the EZ-CAPSS system.

Our EZ-CAPSS software solution meets all DOJ data requirements and allows the Secondhand Dealers a quick and easy and affordable reporting solution that integrates with the DOJ CAPSS system via their real time interface. (As of March 2018, we are the only ones with a commercial application utilizing the real time interface). No need to use the website interface, having to enter the same customer information time and time again is a waste of time. Less data repetition with a high degree of data validation and successful data submissions, means less time worrying about DOJ specifications and more time to deal with your customers. 

We are data experts and we have developed a solution to streamline this process. Let us show you the “EZ” in, EZ-CAPSS. We are confident you will find this solution affordable and highly reliable.

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