Release Notes for EZ-Capss Second Hand Dealer System version

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New Functionality:

  • Migrating to new license server.  This allows for better service and a more robust licensing database.
  • When user registers the required store information auto populates from store registration.
  • Backup and Restore now performs the entire application and database so that if a restore is required the application is synchronized with the database.
  • Updater has the new backup integrated.
  • New licenses are now available.
    • SILVER – 15 Transactions Per Month
    • Gold – Monthly billing with unlimited transactions
    • Platinum – Yearly subscription with unlimited transaction
  • Customer fields now automatically use proper case.
    • First name
    • Middle Initial
    • Last name
    • All customer addresses
  • Added a “Close” button to the Customer Receipt report screen.
  • Added system messaging to the Transaction screen and Customer Transaction screen.
  • Allow for resizing Action Center splitters.  Splitter positions are saved in settings so the next time EZ-CAPSS opens the splitters retain their positioning.
  • Added Complete validation before Item Transactions can be uploaded.


  • The behavior of the date fields has been improved.
    • When tabbed into the entire text is highlighted, so you can overwrite the data.
    • Only a 2-digit date is required.
    • If text is in the field and you click on it, the edit cursor will remain where you click so that you can edit the date.
  • When starting a new transaction, the New Item button would stay enable, It now disables when clicked.  After the Save button is clicked the New Item button re-enables.
  • Changed the behavior the transaction screen.
    • When the new item button is clicked it will turn into a “Cancel” button. This will allow you to cancel the current item being added.
    • When the new item button is clicked, all other buttons are disable.
  • Added validation for ID Type.
  • When submitting an updated Serial Number or Owner Supplied Number the update status/update errors would update all items on a transaction.  This is incorrect if not all items are updatable. Now only the updatable items will be updated from the CAPSS feedback.
  • Fixed Article search on Transaction History screen.
  • When searching for a customer the Signature on file and Fingerprint on file columns were incorrectly reporting True.


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